Bathtub surfaces eventually wear down over
time from use, interaction with water
deposits, standing water or harsh cleansers.

Here at Red Stick, tub refinishing & repair is
our most popular application.  All types of
tubs can be refinished and are offered in
many colors.  Whether you are repairing a
chip or wanting to update your tub.

Replacing your tub can be very expensive.  
You  have to remove the tub and any tile or
Sheetrock around the tub, disconnect the
water supplies and possibly damage the
floor.  The cost of refinishing is approximately
80% cheaper than replacement and can be
completed in 1 day with your tub back in use
within 24 hours.

Just like Bathtubs, sink surfaces wear down over time from harsh
cleansers, drippy faucets and general use. Sinks can be repaired and
refinished in any color.

Many homes have Bathrooms & Kitchens with outdated color schemes.  
Refinishing wall and floor tiles will give a updated look to the entire room
at a fraction of the cost of replacement.  Your refinished tile & grout will
be mold & mildew resistant and very easy to clean.  

Floors are high traffic areas, because of this we apply a clear coat
several times to make it more durable.

Many colors are available and we also offer a regrouting service for an
additional charge

Many types of countertops can be refinished including tile, Formica and
cultured marble.  When refinishing Formica, cracks & seams are filled  
so the countertop appears to be a solid piece.

Countertop surfaces can be refinished to a solid color. Another option is
to  base coat the surface in one color and then color speck  with one or
more different colors for a unique look designed by the customer.

Multi-Stone is another option for countertops.  This is a multi colored
product that is sprayed over a specific base color to give the
appearance of granite.  

We apply 2-3 coats of clear coat on all of our countertops.  This gives
the surface a deeper more defined look and helps the surface stand up
better against wear and tear.

Multistone is available in 132 different colors.  Please click on thumbnail
to see enlarged image.

SRS is a permanent surface that can be applied to your newly refinished
tub or  any existing tub for a slip resistant surface that helps prevent falls.  
This surface is very durable and easy to clean.