This is an
example of
tub that has
and turned
an orange
color over
Refinishing this tub saved the customer a lot of time and money
compared to replacing which would have damaged their ceramic tile.
This tub was in a rental property. The customer needed a
fast, cost effective alternative to replacing the tub.

Updated countertop and sink
Updated walk in shower
This kitchen was updated with Multistone, a product that is sprayed over
your existing countertops. Check out our
services page for the many
different color options.
This shower looks twenty years younger with it's new facelift!
Our coating seals the grout lines. No more worry about mold and mildew!

This house was built around 1915 and the fixtures were very worn and        
discolored. The homeowner wanted to keep the original fixtures true to the
house. We refinished the wall & floor tile, sink, toilet and tub.  
Here are some more examples of Countertops
refinished in Multistone.
Before & After
In this bathroom, we refinished the bathtub, surrounds and the floor tile.